1. Select the product you wish to purchase from the list of scroll-down options. Then press the big PURCHASE button to make your purchase.


3. ADDITIONAL ICON-BUTTONS TO ENHANCE YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. To see what is in your shopping cart at anytime click the shopping trolley icon-button. Shopping trolley icon-buttons are located liberally all over our website for your shopping convenience. There are a number of other icon-buttons next to the shopping trolley icon that do different things. These icon-buttons provide extra functions in a convenient way for example they work as media links, product and ingredient information buttons or provide finger-tip access to telephone numbers.

  1. 4.When you have finished shopping press the ‘CHECK OUT’ button.

5. Select the ‘DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT’ to pay with your CREDIT CARD. Please don’t use a PO Box because your order can only be sent via a signed courier. You will recieve an email from www.christopherhanlon.com 12-24 hours before dispatch with a parcel tracking number. You can follow your delivery online. Christopher Hanlon® prefers the PayPal payment system because it is possibly the safest system in the world and if you don’t receive your order PayPal will offer a refund guaranteed within 7-14 days from the date that you contact them with a complaint.

  1. 2.To purchase more products press the ‘CONTINUE SHOPPING’ button. You will be automatically re-directed back to the CHRISTOPHER HANLON® Website. To add more products to your shopping cart, select the next product you wish to buy and press the corresponding ‘PURCHASE’ button next to it. Each consecutive product is automatically deposited into your shopping cart. You can REMOVE any product from your shopping cart at any stage by pressing the ‘REMOVE’ button. To change the qauntity of products you wish to purchase at any stage select the ‘UPDATE’ button and enter the correct qauntity. To CANCEL your shopping experience at any stage simply press the ‘CANCEL SHOPPING BUTTON’ at anytime.